Top Reasons to Choose Kerala as your Vacation Destination

Kerala, popularly known as ‘God’s Own Country.’ is a best picturesque destination in South India that is located in between the Arabian Sea and Western Ghats mountains, bagged with rich art and culture, spice and tea plantations, Ayurvedic therapies, wildlife, pristine beaches, magical backwaters, lush greenery, and tantalizing cuisines. No matter how stressed or tired you may be, the greenery scenario and a travel through the backwaters at Kerala would surely relax and rejuvenate you. At this place, you can find thousands of luxurious and beautiful houseboats that cruise over the backwaters providing you with a stunning stay experience for a lifetime. Along with this, here are few more reasons for why Kerala is called as the best destination for a memorable vacation.

Folk Arts

If you love to watch the Kerala traditional folk art, then don’t skip to attend a Kalaripayattu performance while your vacation time in Kerala. It is one of the oldest martial arts in the world, which has to Kerala. You will surely experience the feel of goosebumps while you witness their daredevil acts!

Cultural Performances

In your Kerala Vacation, the main thing you have to attend is Kathakali performance in which performers on the stage neither speak nor sing but enact the stories through awesome facial expressions and graceful gestures and postures. Other than Kathakali, my friend who is a Tree Removal specialist and already visit this place said that you can also enjoy Koothu, Bharatanatyam, and Mohiniyattam in Kerala.

Backwater Cruise

No matter how tired you are, Kerala has something to relax you, and Backwater Cruise is one of the most important sources among them.  It is a houseboat look cruise by which you can go through Kerala backwaters. In these boats, you could go through the backwaters throughout the morning under the sun and can take rest in the stationary houseboat at night. Tiffins and lunch of the day are also included in these houseboats.

Beach Fun

If you are a beach lover, then after goa, surely it is Kerala that you should visit. It has lots of awesome beaches to spoil you. At Kerala, you can just sit by the beachside and can view the magnificence of the sea or can simply engage in some water sports


Kerala is popular for its beauty care products, medicinal ointments, and food spices. You can pick best of them from the local markets and can also purchase amazing Kerala snacks such as banana chips for your neighbors. If you have time and if you are thinking to visit Kochi, then don’t forget to go to LuLu mall for sure as it is the one-stop destination for shopping lovers!


With nearly 25 plus national parks and wildlife sanctuaries located in all parts of the state, Kerala is the ideal destination for you and your family if you enjoy wildlife safaris and wildlife photography.

Hill Stations

If you are a big fan of trekking, then Kerala has a lot to offer you – from Nunukan to Munnar, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to stunning hill stations.


Kerala is famous for Ayurveda, and you should try at least one traditional oil massage at the spas there. These messages not only improve your outer beauty but also cure illnesses and provides you relaxation and peace.