Explore Best Things To Buy in Kerala

Enjoy the greenery. Absorb the scenic beauty. Breathe in the fresh forest air and listen to the chirping of birds and sounds of elephants. Have a trekking and climb to the highest peak in India. Experience a taste of fresh tea in the surroundings of tea plantation. And all these you can do only at Kerala. Kerala attracts you in a different way. it can entertain you and can engage you with its martial arts, snake boat competition, dance forms. Kerala is even famous for its delicious snacks and lip-smacking species. Here you can find plenty of hotels to satisfy your taste buds with satisfying dishes. Kerala is well known for its Spa massages, Ayurvedic treatments and yoga centres. Stamped as the best place in South India enriched with various festivals and historical places, you can cherish every moment you spend at Kerala. It’s culture, beauty ┬áprovoke you for shopping with dresses, sarees, jewelry, handicrafts sold here. Each shop in Kerala has something to offer you, be it things to buy or dresses to shop or food to eat. Here are best things you can shop at Kerala for yourself or gift your loved ones.

1. Banana Chips

It is common fashion that people who visit from a Kerala trip, gift their friend or neighbours with Banana chips. These tasty chips are prepared by frying crunchy wafers of unripe banana in the coconut oil. These palatable chips are made either by raw bananas or by seasoned plantain. You can find out this chips at Trivandrum near Padmanabhaswamy temple in Kerala. Though you can find Banana chips even in other cities, chips available here will be rich in quality and taste.

2. Aranmula Kannadi

Aranmula Kannadi is a matchless mirror you can only at Kerala. Unlike, other mirrors, this mirror is crafted of metal and not glass. This mirror is marked as an object that fetches wealth, fortune and luck into life. Though this is one of the best products, you must buy in Kerala, you should take care of its size and transportation.

3. Aromatic Oils and Essence

In whole South India, Kerala is a place where you can find purest forms of aromatic oils and essence. These oils are beneficial for people suffering from joint pains, backs pains, asthma, skin infections and headache. Many studies proved that these oils work more powerful on people and reduces pains compared to English medicines. You can say your requirement to the shopkeeper and can get the oil that suits your needs. But be perfect in choosing a shop, as quality and cost of oil differ from shop to shop.

4. Kasavu Mundu, Sarees, and Dress

Kasavu Mundu, Sarees and Dresses are famous at Kerala and they are traditional Sarees of that place. You can find adorable sarees with multi-coloured strips. Even dhotis are famous here for men.

5. Handicrafts

You can buy here attractive handicrafts made of seashells, ivory, cane, coconut shells, mud, wood and palm leaves. You can buy out classic handicrafts here that you can not find anywhere in rest of the world.

Along with above-mentioned items, Kerala is also famous for it coconut and coir products, fashion jewellery, colourful Kathakali masks, t-shirts, ancient look make-up boxes, houseboat models, temple paintings, energising tea and coffee powders, Kerala spices, wooden idols and many more. The list of things you can but at Kerala can be even bigger as it is a home to culture, art and spices.