Everything Seems To Be More Cheerful, Vibrant And Lively @ Kerala

Kerala is considered as the best place in south India that offers the quality of life. It is one of India’s most progressive states in terms of education. Along with this, it even bagged a name “God’s Own Country” because of its eye-catching and stunning localities blend with lush unspoiled tropical beauty. Kerala is the ideal destination for all types of tours and trips, be it a pilgrimage plan or family tour or a honeymoon trip, Kerala offers you best destinations for all of it.

Kerala, besides its beauty, it is also rich in culture and traditions and is known for its tranquil backwater, a variety of boats, elephants and elaborate temple festivals. With plenty of options, Kerala is considered as the ideal place for a leisurely vacation. And when you plan your next trip to Kerala, don’t miss these top Kerala tourist places.

Fort Kochi

Fort Kochi called the gateway to Kerala is located in Ernakulam district of Kerala. Fort Kochi is the first place in India for European township. The major attractions in this place are Chinese fishing nets along the St Francis Church, Vasco Da Gama Square, VOC Gate and few more areas. At this enchanting city, Dutch, Portuguese, Arabs have left their mark. Fort Kochi is one of the top places in Kerala that need to be visited as it bags many historical sites for its visitors.



If you want to taste a lip-smacking tea, then you should visit Munnar once in your lifetime. Munnar is renowned for its beautiful hills and sprawling tea plantations. Here, by having accommodation nearby, you can look the whole process of picking the tea leaves to processing it, and here you can experience a taste fresh tea straight from the tea gardens. This place is even famous for its tea museum. On the other hand, at Munnar, you can explore exotic forests with full of beautiful plants and wildlife. You can enjoy trekking here and at this place, you can have a trek at Anamudi which is considered as one of the highest peaks in South India. This area is bagged with the natural beauty of winding lanes and cloudy hills. You can also visit national park located at Eravikulam which is very near to Munnar. Here you can enjoy rock climbing and paragliding. 



Varkala, you would have surely heard this place name if you are a beach enthusiastic. This place offers a perfect beach setting for people who want to have a relaxing weekend with family or friends on the beach side. The whole scenario of this beautiful beach make you impressed with a pleasant palm trees and beach side wind along with breath-taking views that are extend over the Arabian Sea. Outside the beach, you can have a walk along the footpath that is covered by coconut palms, shops, beach snacks, hotels, and guesthouses. You can nestle here with your family to have an awesome vacation experience.

Enriched with plenty of options, Kerala offers an ideal blend of spectacular views and heartfelt experiences. Feel the best of what nature has to offer at Kerala.